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BBS, a true pioneer of race wheel design, has been the trusted wheel choice for more than 250 series Championship victories. BBS was the original company to conceive flow forming technology (a process that almost every other high-end wheel brand uses today under one term or another) to effectively eliminate porosity and align the metal grains in the wheel rim for maximum stiffness at a reduced weight. Backing this with spoke patterns that are weight-to-strength optimized in every way imaginable, and the end results are some of the lightest yet stiffest performance wheels physically possible. There’s a reason why BBS is so often the chosen wheel brand in OEM use today by the upper echelons of both the sports, super, and race car spectrum, and that reason isn’t about to change.  When it comes to sustained, reliable performance under the tortures of hammering the most aggressive hairpins in the world, you can ‘bank’ on BBS!