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SSR, the Japanese wheel manufacturer clad with the title for the first multi-piece wheel design back in 1971, firmly holds a podium position in the wheel industry today. SSR produces quality on-par with all the top wheel manufactures through rigorous testing and possibly the highest quality standards in the industry. Couple this with patented safety features such as Crimped Rim Technology (producing a stronger wheel lip) and Tire Bead Anti-Slip Technology (putting a halt on devastating tire-to-wheel seal breaks under hard cornering/drifting), and the result is unparalleled confidence on the track. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your interest, did we forget to mention that all SSR wheels are designed with Big Brake Kits in mind?  With styling that can be found front cover on your favorite modified car magazine and killer performance lap after lap, isn’t it about time you considered SSR’s for your dream car build in your garage out back?