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Method Race Wheels

Method Race Wheels may be a newer name on the block; having only been founded in 2010. Chances are though if you follow the offroad racing scene, you’ve already heard of them.  Method was conceived by rally racers for rally racers, and as such Method went into the market building wheels that would meet the insane demands of offroad racing head on.  We’re not just talking about harsh lateral loads here; we’re talking about the roughest of the rough, airborne vehicular madness! What’s worse? With almost no pit stops in the world of rally, a failed wheel can seal a championship loss. In the Dakar Rally, it can even spell stranded death.  That’s why Method Race Wheels Engineering Manager, Sean Kleinschuster, summoned the expertise of SRT USA to get accurate values for just how hard rally wheels are being hammered on, and then used that data to create rolling bulletproof masterworks.  Still not convinced?  Factor in this: all Method Race Wheels run at a VERY low price point for the quality they offer.  And while most of their wheels are for truck racing, Method is now entering the car market with a growing selection while still maintaining that bulletproof nature. So if Method can meet your vehicle fitment needs, what better Method of wheel can you chose?